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Pool Safety Tips

- Monday, July 25, 2022
Lallis ad Higgins Insurace - Pool Safety Tips

Safety Tips Swimming pools and spas are great places for family fun. It’s important to ensure everyone follows these simple safety steps to stay safer in and around the water.

  1. Never leave a child unattended in or near water.
  2. Teach children how to swim.
  3. Teach children to stay away from drains.
  4. Ensure all pools and spas - both in your backyard and any public pool you may visit - have compliant drain covers.
  5. Install proper barriers, covers and alarms on and around your pool and spa.
  6. Know how to perform CPR on children and adults.


RV Insurance 101

- Monday, July 18, 2022
Lallis & Higgins Insurance

Road trip season is finally here and before you start packing for your next trip, it's important to make sure you have the RV insurance coverage you're looking for.

Here are six frequently asked RV questions you can ask your agent or broker when you are deciding what type of policy to purchase for your RV!

Is my optional equipment covered?

Awnings, air conditioners, satellite dishes, LP tanks and bike racks can all be damaged, so ask if these things are covered by your policy. Be sure to discuss whether the coverage applies only to originally affixed equipment or if it includes equipment that you attach after purchasing your RV. A good policy will give you a set amount of coverage included with your comprehensive coverage, with the ability to purchase more.

Is my personal property inside the motorhome or travel trailer covered?

Chances are you are packing your camping, cooking and other traveling equipment for your trip, including golf clubs or other things for entertainment. You can typically choose coverage for these items as part of a package. The one thing to double check about personal property is sometimes your homeowner's policy can have exceptions regarding coverage for personal property in a motorized vehicle. The agents at Lallis & Higgins Insurance can help you figure out your best option.

What type of coverage is best for me—Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value?

Replacement cost coverage protects your motor home from the effects of depreciation and usually isn't available with an auto policy. With a Replacement Cost policy, if your new-model motor home is destroyed within a certain period of time after purchase, the insurance company will replace it with a brand new one of similar kind and quality. If your motor home is destroyed and you only have an Actual Cash Value policy, which is typically what you'd get with an auto policy, you will only be paid the current value of your motor home.

How much does RV insurance cost and what payment plans are available?

Whether you want to pay in full or in installments, having the flexibility to choose is an important option. Talk to your agent or broker. Insurance companies offer many different plans such as one-pay, four-pay or twelve-pay options.

Is towing or roadside assistance available?

Towing and roadside assistance is a great coverage to have if your motorhome or travel trailer breaks down and can include towing, jump starts, roadside service, flat tire changes, fuel delivery and locksmith services. Specialized coverage is important and can exceed what you would get from an auto policy. You'll want to be covered 24/7 by experts who have the equipment and parts to help with a bigger vehicle like an RV. Ask if coverage extends to any vehicles you may be towing behind you.

What about special coverages for full-timers or vacationers?

Some insurance companies offer these special coverages, which may cover full-timers when they are parked and using their RV as a residence. You can also ask about vacation liability, which may cover you in case you are found responsible for someone else's injury in your RV while it's parked. Again, exclusions in your homeowners policy may play into what type of coverage you want to purchase for your RV, so take this into consideration when you discuss your options.

For more information, contact Lallis & Higgins Insurance.


Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter

- Tuesday, July 12, 2022

This comprehensive beginner’s guide is the ultimate resource for buying an electric scooter. You will learn about price classes, features to consider, tips for riding, maintenance, safety, laws, component parts, micromobility, and electric scooter history, and gain some tools that will help you with your buying research.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Auto Theft Prevention Month

- Wednesday, July 06, 2022
Lallis & Higgins Insurance

Don’t Make Your Vehicle an Easy Target

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, another vehicle will be stolen somewhere in the U.S. Vehicle theft is a big business, frequently run by organized crime rings that are out to make huge profits, and they are doing it at your expense. Vehicle theft is driven by money and greed – it is a dangerous business that victimizes everyone.

Help Put the Brakes on Vehicle Theft: Use the “Layered Approach” to Protection

Professional thieves can steal any car, but make them work for yours by using “layered protection.” The more layers of protection on your vehicle, the more difficult it is to steal.


  • Lock your doors
  • Remove your keys from the ignition
  • Close your windows completely
  • Park in well-lit areas


  • Audible alarms
  • Steering column collars
  • Steering wheel/brake pedal lock
  • Brake locks
  • Wheel locks
  • Theft deterrent decals
  • Identification markers in or on vehicle
  • Window etching
  • Micro Dot marking


  • Smart keys
  • Fuse cut-offs
  • Kill switches
  • Starter, ignition and fuel disablers
  • Wireless, ignition authentication


Put your vehicle on the radar screen by installing a tracking system that emits a signal to the police or monitoring service when the vehicle is reported stolen. Some systems employ “telematics” which combine GPS and wireless technologies to allow remote monitoring of a vehicle. If the vehicle is moved, the system will alert the owner and the vehicle can be tracked by computer.

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