Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage

This coverage provides an additional layer of protection for a broad range of household appliances and equipment against unexpected mechanical or electrical failure.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage

Coverage examples include:

  • computer
  • well water pump
  • oven
  • surround sound system
  • television
  • sump pump
  • dishwasher
  • lawn tractor
  • boiler
  • treadmill
  • refrigerator
  • air conditioning unit
  • water heater
  • hot tub
  • circuit breaker panel
  • dryer

CoverageExtra protection for your clients’ belongings at a great value

Many homes today are equipped with advanced technology and other equipment not typically covered by a standard home insurance policy; yet a loss to one of these items can represent a significant expense. Equipment Breakdown Coverage can pay to repair or replace equipment and appliances and systems damaged from unexpected mechanical or electrical failure.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage

Adding Equipment Breakdown Coverage could save you thousands of dollars if:

  • the heating system runs constantly and damagesthe compressor
  • an air conditioning system fails after the motor seizes
  • circuit breaker panel
  • a surge damages your client’s television
  • a lawn tractor hits a rock and the transmission is damaged
  • corrosion or rust leads to breakdown
  • the water heater leaks due to a cracked weld
  • the refrigerator fails from a control board component
  • the snow blower breaks while being used by another person,away from your client’s home

Just $2 per month

Equipment Breakdown Coverage can be added to existing homeowners polices for just $2 per month. It offers coverage up to $50,000 and a deductible of just $500.

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