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5 Ways to Avoid Parking Lot Fender Benders

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 21, 2019
Lallis & Higgins Insurance - Life Insurance in Weymouth, Quincy, MA

Parking lots in Weymouth, Quincy, MA – we love the convenience but hate the frustrations, especially when people are driving too fast, backing out of spots without looking and otherwise modeling bad parking lot behavior. That behavior just so happens to be the cause of many a door ding and irritated driver. Even worse, careless behavior can cause a collision or injury. So, let’s all slow down and follow these five tips to make parking lots safer for everyone:

1. Don’t Speed

Speeding decreases the amount of time you have to react when a child runs out in front of you, another driver stops suddenly or a car begins backing out unexpectedly. Is a collision – or even a fatality – really worth the price of getting to your destination just a bit sooner?

2. Use Your Eyes – and Mirrors and Cameras

Keep a lookout for perils at all times, even if the lot seems empty. When you’re pulling into a spot, watch for doors being opened. When backing out, look all around, in your mirrors and in your rear-view camera and proceed slowly.

3. Give Yourself – and Others – Some Space

Parking in between the lines and in a spot sized for your vehicle may help to minimize dings and scratches. Better yet, park in a less-crowded area and enjoy the stroll into the store – just don’t park where you feel unsafe. And, always park away from stray carts.

4. Expect the Unexpected

Assume things will happen. That someone will dart out in front of you, that a cart will come rolling toward you, that someone backing out of his/her spot won’t see you backing out of yours. When you’re on guard, you’re better prepared for those who aren’t.

5. Be Respectful

A little kindness goes a long way in a parking lot or parking garage. So stop for pedestrians, don’t cause traffic jams waiting for a spot and, above all, don’t lose your cool. Remember, when you’re watching for dangers, you have a better chance of avoiding them. If an incident does occur, we here at Lallis & Higgins Insurance are ready to help.

Life Insurance for Less than 38 cents/day!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Lallis & Higgins Insurance - Life Insurance in Weymouth, Quincy, MA

Now everyone can find the time to apply for life insurance. It's faster and easier than ever before.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 60 and seeing $500,000 or less in life insurance, it's more convenient than ever to apply for level term life insurance with SBLI through Lallis & Higgins Insurance. Provide some basic information, schedule a quick phone call at your convenience to answer some medical questions and get an answer in days. Trusted coverage that's affordable with an application process that doesn't intrude on your day. Now no one has an excuse to not apply.

The cost of protecting your family is as low as $0.38 per day.

For more information on life insurance, contact Lallis & Higgins Insurance.

Benefits of Scheduling Specific Items on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 04, 2019
Lallis & Higgins Insurance - Property Scheduling in Quincy, Weymouth, MA

Well, the Patriots just added a new Superbowl ring to their collection. They'll certainly also be scheduling a rider on the home insurance policies for those rings as well.

Homeowner’s insurance policies are very important because they provide coverage for our personal property. Did you know, however, that there are some limitations to that coverage?

Most homeowner’s policies carry coverage limitations on personal property like jewelry, silverware, firearms, etc. Unless your property is scheduled, or specifically itemized with a value on your policy, your home deductible will apply to a loss.

You may want request to schedule jewelry items on your homeowner insurance policy. You may also have the choice of scheduling them on a replacement cost basis or an agreed value basis.

Replacement Cost Coverage: Your insurance company may pay the cost to repair or replace the damaged or lost property without factoring in depreciation; however, the amount paid will not exceed the least of these amounts:

  1. Replacement cost at the time of loss;
  2. The full cost of repair at the time of loss; or
  3. The amount of insurance that applies to the property as shown on the declarations page of your policy.

Agreed Value Coverage: For each item designated on your policy as having agreed value coverage, the full amount shown is paid. The amount is agreed to be the value of that article or property.

You may also have the option to insure some personal property on a blanket coverage basis. In that case, your insurance company will pay the replacement cost at the time of the loss, but not more than the individual coverage amount for any single item of insured property.

Several types of property can be scheduled specifically (with no deductible, and/or broader coverage). This includes cameras, collectibles, coins, fine arts (prints, paintings, sculptures, etc.), furs, golf equipment, musical instruments, silverware, sports equipment, and stamps.

Scheduling items on your home policy broadens perils the coverage will apply to for jewelry. Some of those include lost, damaged or misplaced. Many home insurance policies will cover an item if it’s stolen from the home, but may have limitations beyond that if the article is not scheduled.

Be sure to contact Lallis & Hinggins Insurance, an independent insurance agent to determine if you have the best coverage for your personal property.

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