Personal Auto Insurance

Getting an affordable car insurance policy with coverage that protects you is easier than you think. We have access to many of the top auto insurance companies in Massachusetts, and will find the right policy at the right price for you. We can help all drivers - whether you're a new operator, an experienced driver with an accident or two on your driving record, or have a flawless driving record - we will work to get you the best policy.

More options than ever!

Many of our carriers now offer additional coverage on top of the standard coverage a policy holds. Some of most popular coverage options include disappearing deductible, accident forgiveness, gap insurance.

Disappearing deductible reduces your deductible amount every year you drive without having to use the deductible on your policy.*

Qualifying drivers can take the option to add Accident Forgiveness to their car insurance policy. This coverage will the first searchable at-fault accident.*

Many of the companies we work with now offer a gap/loan protection endorsement to be added to the policy for a small charge. This coverage is will pay off any outstanding payment owed to the car loan or lease in the event of a total loss. *

*Not all drivers qualify for these offers, so be sure to ask your Lallis & Higgins Insurance for details on these coverage options.

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