Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

For restaurants of all kinds from fast food through fine dining, we offer a number of attractive alternatives for enhancing your Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Business Policy coverage.

Special Restaurants Endorsement

Our optional Restaurants Endorsement can be elected to bundle the following Additional Coverages at a single reasonable rate:

  • Reward Payments - up to $5,000 to eligible parties
  • Brand and Labels - for damaged property up to the Business Personal Property limit
  • Ordinance or Law-Equipment Coverage - for replacement cost up to the policy limits
  • Lock Replacement - up to $1,000 per occurrence (with a deductible of $100)
  • Spoilage Coverage - up to $10,000 for "perishable stock" (If you require higher limits, contact us.)
  • Food Contamination - up to $10,000 for damaged property or losses from "suspended operations"; up to $3,000 per occurrence for additional advertising expense
  • Fine Arts - up to $25,000 per occurrence for eligible property at each premises
  • Credit Card Slips - up to $10,000 during the policy period due to loss/damage
  • Employee Dishonesty - extends coverage to include customer's property
  • Delivery Errors and Omissions - for property losses exceeding $250 up to $10,000
  • Merchandise Withdrawal - for eligible losses exceeding $250 up to $25,000

These "extras" are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Deluxe Plus Endorsement

This endorsement can also provide a valuable extra tier of EXTENDED COVERAGE for a number of common exposures.

Outdoor Property:

  • Fences and signs (other than those attached to buildings), including expense associated with debris removal
  • Radio and television antennas as well as satellite dishes, including expense associated with debris removal
  • Outdoor furniture, decorative structures (i.e. gazebos, foot bridges, etc.), and stone metal monuments or sculptures (at least 11 guage or thicker) permanently anchored to the ground

LIMITS $10,000 per occurrence subject to a $30,000 annual aggregate.

  • Trees, shrubs, plants, and lawn, including expense for debris removal

LIMITS $25,000 per occurrence (not more than $2,000 per tree, shrub, or plant OR $5,000 for lawn) subject to an $80,000 annual aggregate.

Note: Some of the above coverages have unique policy provisions. Please consult the coverage form for details.

Business Personal Property:

  • Personal Effects - Limits under the policy's terms are increased from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Checked Coats and Bags - Limits of $50,000 per occurrence (up to$5,000 per customer) are provided subject to a $100,000 annual aggregate per premises for items in the restaurant's "care, custody, and control" in a room accessible only to restaurant personnel.

Note: Unique policy provisions could apply. Consult the coverage form for details.

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