Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance

As a market for Artisan Contractors involved in residential and light commercial work, we are attuned to their needs. Specifically, we understand that building and business personal property exposures are often secondary to liability, so we provide a Business owner's Policy that can be customized to that circumstance. However, we also know that ALL contractors (even those who are on the road most of the time) must properly protect their tools and equipment. As a result, we have created an endorsement that bundles several useful coverages for a single affordable price with higher optional limits that reflect the cost (and value) of tools and equipment today. (For more information about other attractive "Plus" options and discounts, see our Business Owner's Producer Guide).

Plus Contractors' Endorsement

Our Contractors' Installation, Tools, and Equipment Endorsement can be elected to bundle the following Additional Coverages at a single reasonable rate:

Contractors' Installation - $3,000 per job site (with an option to go as high as $100,000 ($300,000 for all sites); also includes $5,000 for property in transit and $5,000 for property at a temporary storage location with the option to go as high as $100,000 in each case.
Owned Tools and Equipment - $3,000 coverage provided ($500 per tool) with the option to increase protection up to $500,000 on a blanket/scheduled basis
Non-Owned Tools and Equipment - up to $500,000 provided
Employees' Tools - up to $50,000 coverage ($500 per employee and $100 per tool)

These "extras," subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, are valuable enhancements designed to address the needs of typical artisans. Similarly, we have related Cleaning Services endorsement that can be elected. (See Below.)

Our Contractor's Preferred Submission Option

Designed for applicants that have no building or business personal property exposure but still need liability insurance AND coverage for tools and equipment, we provide a streamlined process that eliminates property-related E-Z Rate entries but still incorporates a basic level of the endorsement above. In other words, the contractor gets the coverage needed... while YOU benefit from a FASTER-SIMPLER-EASIER submission process.

Plus Cleaning Services Endorsement

Our Cleaning Services Endorsement can be elected to bundle the following Additional Coverages at a reasonable rate:

Employee Dishonesty - extends coverage to include clients' property
Key and Lock Replacement - up to $1,000 coverage per occurrence with a $100 deductible
Reward Payment (N/A in NY) - up to $5,000 coverage provided to eligible parties
**Your Work Coverage - Reimburses up to $5,000 for any one occurrence ($10,000 for any annual period)

**In New York, payments are on a "behalf of" basis.

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