Vacant & Unoccupied Home Insurance Coverage

Vacant & Unoccupied Home Insurance Coverage

Finding insurance for your vacant property can be challenging, mostly because a typical homeowner insurance policy probably won’t cover the property after it’s vacated for an extended amount of time.

Vacant Home insurance is different than homeowner insurance because no one lives at the location. Vacant homes pose more risks than occupied ones as well. Some of those risk include vandalism, liability, and fire.

Visitors (whether unwanted or wanted) can get hurt on broken floor boards or on old fencing, and file a claim against you. Typical homeowner policies won’t cover these types of risks on a vacant property, but vacant home insurance is an option for you.

Other perils that your home insurance may not cover if the dwelling you’re insuring becomes vacant and your pipes burst, the house gets vandalized or a fire occurs in the dwelling.

We offer flexible policy options, and terms to fit your specific need. Feel free to contact a Lallis & Higgins Insurance representative for more information.

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