What Causes An Oven Fire?

- Monday, April 22, 2024
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Oven fires can spark for several reasons, from common user errors to appliance malfunctions. Grease and oil can quickly cause a flame when they come in contact with an oven surface. But even something like cake or cookie batter can become ablaze if it spills onto the oven.

Oven fires can also be the result of improper cleaning (or lack thereof). The food you’re baking can sometimes escape the pan and accumulate at the bottom of the oven. This usually causes a burning smell coming from the oven but can lead to fires if there’s grease dripping from the pan.

Simple Steps to Putting Out an Oven Fire

An oven fire can be dangerous, but there are things you can safely do to prevent a disaster.

Step 1: Leave the Oven Closed

Your first instinct might be to open the oven door. However, there is a chance the fire can resolve itself. If you remember from science class, fire needs a fuel source and oxygen to continue. Whatever is burning in the oven is the fuel source—opening the door will feed it more oxygen. With the door closed, the fire could go out on its own.

Step 2: Turn the Oven Off

If you can do it safely, shut off and unplug the oven. While you’re doing that, unplug any other nearby electrical appliances or devices. This could help reduce the chances of the fire spreading and causing further damage.

Step 3: Grab Your Extinguisher

Remember, not all fires can be put out with water. Oil, grease, and electrical fires are dangerous enough already—throwing water on them can make them exponentially worse. That’s why all homes should have at least one fire extinguisher in an easy-to-access location. A standard fire extinguisher can be used in most home fire situations.

Step 4: If the Fire Is Out, Ventilate Your Home

If the above steps helped you put out the fire, you’re clear to open up some windows. This will help the smoke and other odors escape safely. It also gives you a better chance to check out the damage.

Step 5: If the Fire Isn’t Out—Call Emergency Services

If the fire is still going or starts to spread, don’t put yourself or others at risk. Call your local fire department right away. Ensure all family members, pets, and guests are safely evacuated.

Can You Put Out an Oven Fire With Water?

It’s not safe to use water on an oven fire. The fire could have started from oil or grease, which means it can spread if water is introduced. Additionally, if you have an electric oven or any electrical appliance or devices nearby, you risk electrocuting yourself. Water is a conductor of electricity, so throwing it on an oven fire could put you or anyone nearby at risk.

Source: ctr-nw.com

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