Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

- Monday, July 03, 2023
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Every year it seems like everyone is much happier in the summertime. When we picture a summer scene, it includes kids running around laughing with joy. Here are ten ideas bound to provide kids that summertime joy.

1. Make your own popsicles

There’s nothing like enjoying an ice-cold popsicle on a sweltering hot day. Elevate your popsicles by making them homemade. Not only will this be a healthy and fun activity for the kids, but you also can’t beat the fresh taste.

2. Run a lemonade stand

If you have a little one with an entrepreneurial spirit, help them start their first business venture with a lemonade stand. All you need is a table, a sign, a box for that hard-earned cash, lemons, sugar, a pitcher, and ice. Serve refreshing lemonade in disposable cups, or for an eco-friendly option, put out some chairs and serve glass cups instead.

3. Collect seashells

Take the kiddos for a beach day and walk along the water collecting seashells. This makes for great conversation, creativity, and some home decor the kids can cherish forever.

4. Do a cannonball

Make sure an adult is watching at all times, tuck in your knees, jump into the pool, and make the biggest splash possible.

5. Play on a slip and slide

You can rent a slip and slide or buy one for under $20 and you’re in for hours of happy screeches and belly laughter.

6. Tie-dye shirts

Have any old t-shirts lying around? Upcycle! Grab a non-toxic tie-dye kit and get creative. Tie-dye never goes out of style.

7. Fly a kite

You’ll need some good wind for this one. The beach or anywhere near the water is usually a good bet. Kites come in every shape imaginable and create the best memories.

8. Plant flowers

A green thumb is a great skill to have, so start them young! There’s something really special about planting flowers in the summertime and watching them grow.

9. Run to an ice cream truck

Who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer? When you hear the music playing, don’t walk, RUN!

10. Make homemade PlayDough

Making PlayDough is not only fun, but you also know exactly what ingredients are going into it, and likely into your little one’s mouth. Pro tip: skip the food coloring and use juice from your favorite berries instead.

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