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- Monday, October 04, 2021
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Meet the Williams Family

Happily married for eight years, Mike and Chris Williams are proud parents to four-year-old Peyton.

As avid cyclists, they first met at a bike race in downtown Chicago. When Chris had a flat tire, Mike stopped to help him. The rest was history. As the years went by, many of life’s important decisions were discussed on long bike rides. In fact, it’s where Mike proposed! Along with a ring, he gave Chris a small bicycle lapel pin with a diamond in the tire hub as a reminder of how their journey began.

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Life Gets More Complicated

Once Peyton came along, long bike rides turned into short rides to a local playground, and long talks steered to the topics of daycare, student loans, the mortgage, and college planning. When Chris’ mother faced a terminal illness, he relied on Mike to boost his spirits and help take care of Peyton. That’s when it hit them. What would Chris do without Mike if anything ever happened to him? How would Mike function if Chris were not there?

They called a financial professional, who recommended term life insurance policies from Prudential. It was the answer they were looking for: affordable, reliable protection for the years their family needed it most.

The Unexpected Happens

Two years later, while they were training together for a race, Chris was hit by a truck. His injuries were serious, and he was taken to a nearby hospital. Mike rushed to Chris’ bedside but arrived just in time to say good-bye. Devastated, he removed the small bicycle pin and pinned it to his own shirt, over his heart.

Stability Despite Change

Facing life without his husband has been the hardest thing Mike has ever had to do. Although Chris often called Mike his rock, Mike thought the same of Chris. And now, amidst his grief and Peyton’s, he was faced with bills, childcare, and taking care of their home. When their financial professional reminded Mike that the death benefit from Chris’ policy could help cover funeral expenses, bills, childcare, and more, Mike was relieved. He could focus on his family instead of worrying about bills. He often shakes his head and smiles as he thinks about how Chris is still helping the family get through.

A year after Chris’ passing, Mike was ready to race again and, in Chris’ honor, entered the race they had trained for together. Wearing matching bicycle pins, each with a tiny diamond in the tire’s hub, Peyton cheered him on.

Chris and Mike were each other’s rock. Who’s yours?

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