Nominate Now! The Best of the South Shore

- Thursday, February 25, 2021

Small and local businesses are the lifeblood of the South Shore and we know, now more than ever, how important it is to support your favorite businesses like Lallis & Higgins Insurance. For our annual Best of the South Shore, we invite you to nominate Lallis & Higgins Insurance as well as the best restaurants, shops, services and other businesses in the region. This is a great opportunity to make sure your favorite business is the go-to spot for everyone on the South Shore. The results of BOSS 2021 will be promoted from Summer 2021 - Summer 2022.

Make sure your favorite business is featured on the Best of the South Shore ballot!

There will be two rounds of voting a nomination round and a finalist round. Nominations will be open from February 6th—February 28th. Help your favorite business become a finalist by inviting others to nominate them for BOSS.

To nominate Lallis & Higgins Insurance for BOSS, click here.

It's easy to do. Simply click the "NOMINATE" button and fill in your email address. Continue and complete the registration form (You MUST register to vote). Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation email which will contain a link that will allow you to auto login each day to vote again if you wish. For businesses with more than one location, please indicate the address of your #1 choice in the town field.

Let the nomination begin!

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