Halloween can be bring some scary claims

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 31, 2014
Egg Heads. Rest assure you have coverage in place to help repair any damage to your car and paint on the car due to an egg, or any other substance that may cause damage from a vandal.  Comprehensive coverage will help you repair any damage done by goblins if you didn't realized in time you've fallen victim to a bad joke.  

Flying Pumpkins! You can lean on comprehensive coverage if it's a decoration, or an actual pumpkin that strikes your car.   This is covered whether its the wind or an actual trick-or-treater that causes the damage.

Raccoons, Deer, Bears, and Cats oh my! Animals get spooked with so many pirates, princesses and monster trick-or-treating - so if you happen to strike an animal while driving you can count on your comprehensive coverage to help your damaged car get repaired.    Collision coverage would fall into place if you swerve out of the way of an animal and hit a car, tree or other structure. 

Be safe, and have a happy Halloween! 
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