Waterfront Homes and Coastal Insurance - Quincy MA

You paid enough for your waterfront view - you don't need to be locked into a high priced home insurance policy to go with it.

We are well aware of each neighborhood’s unique needs. Whether you live in Houghs Neck, Adam Shore, Squantum or right near Wollaston Beach – we are able to offer a competitive price on your homeowner insurance with broad coverage that will extend to your specific home, and needs.

Lallis & Higgins Insurance teams up with both regional and national carriers to help us find affordable options with coverage that extends protection to you and your home. Working with these companies gives us the opportunity to find affordable options without compromising coverage.

Many of our insurance companies offer one deductible option for all covered perils - including wind and hail. This means even less out of pocket expense to you when a claim happens from a wind or hail storm.

The benefits of working with a local agent like us is we know the challenges each season may bring to your home, we know the neighborhood and community around us, so we can guide you through the process.

We also specialize in the coastal/waterfront home insurance needs of the following towns:

Is your house in a flood plain?

Many homeowners simply do not know whether or not they are in a flood plain. Fortunately, FEMA has a Flood Map Service Center that enables you to search on your address to locate the flood map in your area.

Looking for a flood map? Click here.

Is your house in a flood plain?

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